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Many relationship workshops, retreats, and seminars are available to military members and veterans. Although most are not inclusive of sexuality concerns, they may nonetheless help to improve general relationship skills and feelings of closeness, supportive communication, and intimacy. Unless otherwise notes, Warrior Intimacy Institute does not specifically endorse any of these resources.

Our Mission:



Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills (PAIRS)

(*Endorsed by Warrior Intimacy Institute)


Practical, proven, useful skills for successful relationships.


Click here to visit the PAIRS website for more information

Veterans Healing Through Connection


Caron Treatment Center offers a free couples retreat for military members and veterans (active duty, reserve, and retired). The Veteran's program workshops are possible because of a generous grant given to Caron Treatment Centers and specifically designated for programs for veterans.


Click here to visit the Caron website for more information


Sportsheets International

(*Endorsed by Warrior Intimacy Institute)


Sportsheets International is not only a great retailer for adult products, but Founder and CEO, Tom Stewart, is also committed to helping disabled veterans and their partners, specifically, find new pleasure and satisfaction.


Click here to visit the Sportsheets website for more information



USC School of Social Work: Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families

“Sex & The Military: The Other Invisible Wounds” was a one-day conference held in Los Angeles aimed at raising awareness of the sexual and intimacy issues experienced by military populations. Experts from a range of fields — physical and psychological — presented on diverse areas, including the sexual side effects of mental health medication, military sexual trauma among men, emotional resiliency,  modern urotrauma, and more. Participants were also provided with a toolkit to help providers address these issues with their military clients.

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Sex and Intimacy for Wounded Veterans


Sex and Intimacy for Wounded Veterans: A Guide to Embracing Change was written by occupational therapists who work with wounded veterans, but it is applicable to all who’ve experienced life-changing injury. Designed to help educate veterans, family members, significant others and clinicians, this manual provides practical information and illustrations to help readers reengage in sexual activity and intimacy, with or without adaptations and modifications.


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Regain That Feeling: Secrets to Sexual Self Discovery


People Living With Spinal Cord Injuries Share Profound Insights Into Sex, Pleasure, Relationships, Orgasm, and the Importance of Connectedness


Use the code Z4RS2DUS for 20% off list price at Createspace, or click here to order on Amazon

Warrior Lover: Battling the Combat PTSD Relationship

Since the invention of Modern Warfare and the longer lifespan of modern soldiers due to technological and medical advances, there are more PTSD relationships than ever. It's a new territory in the dating arena that is increasingly difficult to navigate. Warrior Lover addresses the issues that are exclusive to Combat PTSD relationships. Witty and compelling, Warrior Lover is an entertaining read that delves into the difficulties and rewards in dating a Combat Veteran and how to strengthen that relationship.

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Warrior Loving: Amazing Sex With Your Veteran

Author Leilani Anastasia explores the difficulties and rewards of being in a sexual relationship with a Combat Veteran. This book delves into the ways that partners of Combat Veterans can improve their relationships; both in and out of the sheets. Well-researched and factual, this book addresses the facets of the Combat PTSD sexual relationship and makes suggestions for gaining the most pleasure out of it.


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Helping wounded veterans and their partners create and sustain fulfilling intimate and sexual relationships.

 Dr. Antoinette Izzo, USMC

 Owner of Warrior Intimacy Institute

"Wanting to be a healthy and happy person, sexuality and all, is nothing to be ashamed about. Life is about exploration, self-awareness, and the ability to connect with others in meaningful ways. If that's taboo, then I'll gladly speak the unspeakable. Life's too short to ignore the elephant in the bedroom."

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